About the Brand

About the Brand

Enfans is a simple and at the same time an original brand. That the design, both from the aesthetic and functional point of view, is an added value perceived both in the product and in all other manifestations of the brand. Simplicity, creativity in the use of color and prints, functionality and comfort, quality in raw materials and processes, as well as innovation will be fundamental attributes of the brand.

As one of the identity features of the brand's style, we highlight the use of color. Enfans will be a colorful brand, which will even appeal to a rare use of color: this means that it will be based on the trends of each season but looking for unusual combinations and palettes. Surely you will not often resort to the classic children's product palettes (red, blue, raw), but will make use of the most disruptive color resource. But it will never use color in an aggressive or strident way, but perhaps the color will become the detail that puts the "accent" in the design of a garment.

Another feature of Enfans' proposal is that its style will be "Streetwear". The product proposal will be thinking about a casual and urban style. It will not be the spirit of the brand to dress children "of gala" or any other style that is not framed in an urban proposal and everyday use: jeans, t-shirts, shirts, dresses, pants, swimsuits, even some garments with a slightly more sporty style.

The brand's narrative is to be based on its claim "Pequeños Mundos (Small Worlds), building its story from this central concept. This can translate into many different aspects of brand verbal and nonverbal communication. For example, from verbal communication, it will appeal to the use of different languages – even mixed – in prints, graphic pieces and any other marketing and communication material. A characteristic of its style is that it will not be a brand "in Spanish" or a brand "in English", but will use different languages. We normally use KIDS SOMOS TOUS IGUALS (English, Spanish, French and Catalan) as a sentence that can be read and understood despite being built with several languages.

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