Story of Enfans

Story of Enfans

Antonela Roccuzzo and Andrea Lo Menzo are first cousins. Both share their maternal grandmother, who, since always, with her sewing machine, provided exclusive models to the children of the family.

The two cousins ventured into fashion design after finishing high school, with a difference of a few years.

While Andrea was developing textile items, Antonela went to live in Spain.

The idea of creating Enfans dates back to 2014, at the time of the World Cup, when the family took the opportunity to meet in Rosario, celebrate meetings and spend time together.

With their two very young children, Antonela and Andrea share themes of motherhood, personal future projects and coincide in the creation of a children's clothing brand. An old idea that was always around, and that can now be concretized by the stage that both live on a personal level.

With the possibility of acquiring and wearing children's garments from different parts of the world, Antonela shares with Andrea the concern to design and produce garments with style and clothing that they did not find in the local market. Products with elaborate disruptive design, comfortable for daily use and of excellent quality, are the objectives that are set to support the project.

Due to the complications that distance brings, and the great effort that every startup demands, each partner adopts a different role. From Europe Antonela is attentive to the latest fashion trends and lifestyles to transmit them and adapt them to local use, while Andrea oversees production and commercial development in Argentina.

After a year of intense work, in June 2015 production begins, and for October a first collection of 40 Spring-Summer seasonal garments is presented, which are marketed in some multi-brand stores in  the country.

The public is happy with the proposal and the demand grows locally.

As the business was growing, the need of re-shape the family company and increase management team, new actors with professional experience and skills were needed. Driven by the unconditional support of Patricia, Antonella's mother, they are looking for ways to take the project to the next level.

It is at this moment when Luis Reyt, also from the family, comes into action.

With an extensive career in the management of multinational companies, and eager to re-establish himself in his hometown, Rosario, this industrial engineer joins the team to be part of Familia Pulgar SA, the Argentine company that is behind Enfans.

With a renewed look from the organizational point of view, but with its family business values intact, Enfans begins a new stage of expansion and productive development.


During the beginning of 2017 the brand concentrates on the future and deals with the following summer season, to go to market with a renewed proposal, which includes a more extensive collection, redefinition of the design, development of the online sales channel, the incorporation of new suppliers and renewal of the brand image and development of new marketing strategies. Influencers and well-known people give impetus in social networks both in Argentina and Europe.

In October 2017, the new season is presented nationwide through its online store for retail audiences in the wholesale channel.

The SS18 season had a very good acceptance and level of sales, while the design and production of the FW18 collection was already being developed with much more auspicious objectives.

Simultaneously with the presentation of the collection, the news of Antonela's marriage to soccer star Lionel Messi in the city of Rosario, makes the press around the world look at them and everything that concerns them, making Enfans increasingly visible in the eyes of the national and international public.

Things are going very well, the brand is growing, and new children are born into the family. Paula Roccuzzo, Antonela's older sister,  joins the management of the company, who with the arrival of her first child finds interest in the world of children's fashion. Paula collaborates in the design and marketing areas of Enfans and is a benchmark in the use and durability of garments, which before going public are tested within the family.

Over the years, those plan and objectives set by Antonela and Andrea were becoming a reality, and today with the whole team, we find ourselves in this 2022 in a continuous growth. With presence in more than 80 stores in Argentina. A well-positioned online store that offers the best shopping experience and an after-sales service that sets an example with its excellent customer service, with fast and effective responses, which meet the most demanding requirements. We are ready for furthers challenges….. today Enfans, is preparing to launch its products to the international market...

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